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French Doors

About French Doors

French doors are an advanced method to enter your garden.

Create a bridge between the comfort of your home and the peace and tranquillity of your garden.

Choose from a wonderful selection of border designs to elegantly draw the eye towards the great outdoors.

Whichever material you pick, your doors will be secure and insulators.

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Benefits of French Doors


Our French Doors will enhance the appearance and add charm and character to your home.

Low Maintenance

Our systems contain a unique compound with a smooth gloss finish, guaranteeing they retain their pristine appearance. It also means they will never warp, rot or need painting.

Energy Efficient

The insulation on these doors are extremely beneficial keeping your home warm and cosy. They can save you money on bills whilst keeping you warm throughout the year.

High Security

French doors offer exceptional levels of security for your home, keeping your family and belongings protected giving you peace of mind.