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Casement Windows

About Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most popular style.

They are strong, secure and superior. Hinged at the side and crank outward, this makes them ideal for installing over sinks, countertops, or appliances, but can be placed anywhere in your home.

This effective and high-performance solution offers clean lines and advanced functionality.

Available with a range of customisable options, casement windows are the perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary residential designs.

Our casement windows have thin casings so you can appreciate clear perspectives over your garden or field. We guarantee an ideal fit for your home.

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Benefits of Casement Windows

Variety of Styles

Casement Windows have beautiful features and there’s a whole array of styles, colours and designs out there to suit every house.

Controlled Airflow

Instead of relying on the wind to blow in the right direction you can control the breeze suiting your needs with the many angles these windows can open.

Emergency Exit

These windows can open very wide, therefore leaving enough space for a person to climb through in times of emergency.

Easily Cleaned

Extremely easy to clean and maintain these windows as they have smooth movement due to the hinges.

Energy Efficient

For excellent thermal properties and to achieve greater energy savings, these window systems easily achieves an A rating, the highest possible Window Energy Rating (WER) for thermal efficiency.

High Security

Our Casement windows are fitted with high security features giving you peace of mind that your family and home are protected.