Welcoming, stunning, practical. Bi-fold door system gives you maximum control over the style and operation of the doors. They offer the perfect house to garden solution for many home owners. They really do open up a property and let the light flood in. When opened, door sashes can be stacked back against a wall or into space that is not used. Our comprehensive range includes low thresholds, which allow access to be low level between your home and garden, whilst also ensuring easy access for toddlers or wheelchair users. Security is dealt with too with multi-point bolting and secure frames that will keep your home safe.

Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

High Security

Bi-fold doors offer exceptional levels of security for your home, keeping your family and belongings protected giving you peace of mind.

Greater Space

The Bi-fold windows can fold all the way to the side leaving great space inside your home and outside, letting you pass in and out with ease and no obstacles in your way.

Enhanced Light

These doors have large glass going from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, this invites the natural light in and brightens your home.

Weather Resistant

These doors come with triple weather seals as standard for high insulation and thermal efficiency as well as protection from all types of weather conditions.